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Each sport has different combinations of activities, such as running, jumping, cutting, pivoting, hopping, balance, etc that needs to be understood so the specific mechanisms of injury can be elucidated, rehabilitation plans developed and foot orthoses (if indicated) are prescribed. Each sport will have injuries that are more common to it than other sports. It is not possible to cover all the lower limb implications of all sports here, but an understanding of the basics of some can be applied to the rest, so only some aspects of some sports are covered here.

Foot biomechanics in each sport that have implications for the cause of injury and orthoses prescription that have to be taken into consideration. These include:
• angle and base of gait
• direction of motion
• speed of motion
• unidirectional or multidirectional motion
• body type
• amount of lateral motion (pronation/supination) of the foot that is needed
• amount of force/impact
• heel/midfoot/forefoot striker pattern
• type of footwear used

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