As a sport, boxing requires strength, power, and endurance with a great sense of balance. Most injuries are overuse from training or traumatic injuring from fighting (concussion, metacarpal fractures). The lower limb accounts for 6% of boxing injuries . A great amount of pressure is placed on the forefoot during training and sparing. Balance is enhanced with a firm thin soled shoe, but there needs to be a compromise due to the pressures the foot is placed under.

Ethical and legal dilemma’s are often debated in relation to boxing – many national medical associations have advocated bans on the sport as it is considered the only sport that intentionally inflicts harm on the participants. The high risk of irreversible permanent neurological injury or death  dilemmas (ethical, social, moral, medical). There are strong social, cultural, historical and family traditions that underpin boxing that are of interest to the sports sociologist, that make the banning of boxing on medical grounds difficult.

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