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Sports medicine is more than the treatment of sports injuries – it is a wide-ranging discipline  needs a team approach focused on the athlete. Members of the team are experts in their own areas and also overlap with each other – but the individual team members also need to be multi-skilled and know about the skills of other members of the team.

Sports medicine can generally considered to be :
1) the medical supervision and care of the competitive and recreational athlete
2) the provision of appropriate physical exercise and sports for persons who are handicapped in any way
3) advice about the conduct and supervision of activities that develop and maintain physical fitness
4) the organisation and provision of exercise and sports activities for people being rehabilitated from illness or injury

Sports medicine has several roles in the community :
1) Man as an athlete (eg study of patients under exercise situations)
2) The athlete as a man (eg factors that are used to improve athletic performance can be used to improve community health)
3) The athlete as a patient (eg treatment of injury)
4) The patient as an athlete (eg exercise for cardiac rehabilitation)

Sports medicine involves all aspects of the care of individuals who exercise  it is not just for the elite athlete, but for any individual who participates in physical activity.

Athletic Training:
Has been defined as the art and science of prevention and management of injuries at all athletic activity. Athletic trainers provide these services to sports/athletic teams and at institutions (eg Universities).

Sports Medicine Journals:

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Journal of Athletic TrainingJournal of Science and Medicine in SportMedicine and Science in Sports and ExerciseOpen Access Journal of Sports Medicine
Orthopaedic Journal of Sports MedicinePhysician and Sports MedicineScandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in SportsSports Health
Sports MedicineSports Medicine International OpenThe American Journal of Sports MedicineTranslational Journal of The American College of Sports Medicine
Journal of Strength and Conditioning ResearchJournal of Sports Science and MedicineVideo Journal of Sports Medicine

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