Probably the most common sport in the world. Most players will cover 13-14km a game, with 25% of hat being at a fast running speed. Soft tissue contusions of leg are common – use shin guards  protect soft tissues and reduce impact forces to leg (prevent fracture). Contusion of the dorsum of the foot is common, usually due to another player standing on the foot or injury to kicking foot  ICE; soft padding over area

Contusion neuropathies over dorsum of foot can occur  numbness and parathesia

‘Footballers ankle’ – osteophytes form on the dorsal anterior aspect of the talus and distal tibia from repeated ankle overload  most need surgery.

Players prefer tight fitting and snug boots to “feel the ball” and get good ball control  problems with toenails and with fitting of foot orthoses (if indicated)
Cleats under the heel region can predispose to heel pain, especially if the surfaces are hard and the cleats do not sink into the surface. This also could be problematic if cleats are directly beneath the calcaneal apophysis in young players  assumed to increase the risk for Severs disease/calcaneal apophysitis

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