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The number of podiatrists in Canada here is based on the best available information that can be found.

ProvincePopulation Number of podiatristsPodiatrists/Population
British Columbia5,286,528821/64,469
New Brunswick776,827131/59,756
Newfoundland and Labrador521,542
Northwest Territories44,826
Nova Scotia971,395
Prince Edward Island156,947
Total in provinces in which the number of podiatrists is known:35,566,83712441/28591
Total Canada38,481,295

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Disclaimer: this information is based on the best available information that we can find. It should not be relied upon for decision making without being verified. For example, some podiatrists may maintain their registration, but are no longer practicing or are on leave; some may be practicing part-time – the above information does not take that into account as it is not available.
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