Infectious Diseases

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Infectious Diseases

Any organ or body system can be involved in infection (some infections are under the particular organ system in other parts of this Chapter).

Notifiable Diseases:
In most countries the diagnosis of certain infectious diseases are notifiable to relevant authorities for surveillance purposes.

In the UK the diseases that are notifiable are – anthrax; cholera; diptheria; dysentery; Ebola; Encephalitis; food poisoning; leprosy; leptospirosis; malaria; measles; meningitis; meningococcal sepsis; mumps; ophthalmia neonatorum; plague; poliomyelitis; rabies; relapsing fever; rubella; scarlet fever; tetanus; tuberculosis; typhus; viral haemorrhagic fevers; viral hepatitis; whooping cough; yellow fever.
The reporting of AIDS infection in the UK is voluntary.

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