Urinary Tract Infections

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Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)/Pyelonephritis

Lower urinary tract infection:
F>M; Varies from an asymptomatic bacteriuria to a symptomatic acute urethritis to a septicaemia.

Risk factors – diabetes mellitus; pregnancy; incomplete voiding; genitourinary malformation; menopause

Clinical features:
Usually abrupt onset of frequency of micturition and dysuria with pain during micturition. May be intense desire to pass more urine after emptying bladder due to spasm of inflamed bladder wall; incontinence; may have fever

Antibiotics; drink frequently; double voiding (go again after 5 mins);

Acute Pyelonephritis:

Clinical features:
Sudden onset of pain in loins  tends to radiate.
Usually have fever, rigours and vomiting

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