Antibacterial drugs
Inhibit synthesis of cell wall:PenicillinsCephalosporinsCarbopenemsMonobactans
Inhibit protein synthesis:TetracyclinesChloramphenicolErythromycinClindamycin
Causes leakage from the cell membranes:PolymyxinColistinBacitracinAmphotericin B
Interfere with DNA function:Rifampin
Inhibit DNA gyrase:Ciprofloxacin
Cause misreading of mRNA to affect permeability:Aminoglycosides:StreptomycinGentamicinNeomycin
Interfere with intermediary metabolism:SulfonamidesSulfonesTrimethoprimPyrimethamine
Para aminosalcylic acidMetronidazole

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