Sockwa Running Shoes

Oxnard, CA 93033

Popular in volleyball and beach sprts. Adotptedby brefoot runners as a 'footcovering'

Sockwa is led by creative, driven, honest, hard-working people who follow their passion and execute their vision. We began on the Southern California Beach Soccer fields and now we are going global. Our main office and design studio is located in Ventura County, California. We've been in business since the spring of 2008 and our team is led by founder David Zasloff.

Playa Hi
Ideal for sand, grass, ocean, but designed for top pro beach athletes from Miami to Brazil who go out and play their hearts out each season, never giving in. The outer sole is made of braided fabric and offers excellent abrasion in the sand. This Hi-Top is outfitted with a perfectly sized velcro flap that makes getting in and out a flash and keeps all the debris out. The inner sole is now lined with a thin fleece to absorb sweat and make this Sockwa more comfortable than ever. The walls are 2 mm thick neoprene and have Lycra on the outside.

Playa Lo
Sockwa’s auspicious start in the niche world of Beach Soccer is now the stuff of legend. That same preliminary ankle cut, dating back to 2008, has been enhanced. Thanks to cutting edge engineering and avant-garde SoCal design, the original Sockwa Playa Lo-Cut has blossomed into the most comfortable and sexy beach sock in the world. Watch this season, as it takes over beaches, sand dunes, and desert plains worldwide. Wear the Sockwa Playa Lo-Cut during spring break or during hot summer days, and turn heads even if your six pack abs have long been buried underneath midnight snacks.Sockwa Playa can be used on the sand, grass and in the ocean.

G2 | G3
Form Fitting like nothing else. Amazingly thin 1.2 mm TPU Sole. Quick-dry upper construction.

Less is truly more with the Sockwa Dojo. The scoop-top design allows for increased flexibility. Neoprene provides the stretch, fleece provides the sock-like feel, sandwich mesh provides the breathability, and the suede-like amara provides a fashionable, stylistic flair. Dojos are perfect for yoga and pilates users who need to use the muscles in their feet for balance and want to keep their feet clean and protected. Please keep in mind, Sockwa is supposed to fit snugly and be comfortable.


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