Sockwa X8 Running Shoe


Our fabric is a custom blend of an odor-free, moisture wicking lining to the Ariaprene foam, to the durable but stylish exterior.

We have replaced the Neoprene with a high-end breathable fabric called Ariaprene. The lining of the X8 is made of a moisture wicking fabric which also anti-odor properties for the hottest summer days. The middle layer is 2.0 mm thick Ariaprene and has large, hexagonal, holes for extreme breathability. The outer layer of the fabric is also breathable, and has great abrasion resistance, as well as a high end look and feel.

We use the same outsole as the Sockwa G Collection, which provides extreme tactility and the best wet-slip around. The sole is thin, but strong and provides the athlete with a close to barefoot feel that is unique if you’ve ever felt a Sockwa.

Designed for use on concrete or anywhere else extreme grip and feel are required.Find Weird and Wonderful Books at AbeBooks

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