Sockwa G4 Running Shoe

The Sockwa G4 is our best G yet. The marriage of the upper to the sole is what makes it's feel even better. Insulate and protect your feet while still feeling nearly everything beneath your feet. The upper is constructed like the previous G models with 2.0 mm Neoprene sides and toe area, with Lycra tongue for breathability and stretchability. Subtle differences:

Perfected Stitch Quality over previous models
Improved ankle over previous G2 and G3 models
True to size (1/2 size bigger than G3 and 1 full size bigger than G2)
Improved fabric quality and Hand.
This summer collection is available in Black, Navy, Grey, Yellow and Red.

Crushable, Washable, Durable.
It's the thinnest Sole on the Planet.
Each pair weighs 4.8 - 7.7 oz. depending on size.
Designed for use on concrete or anywhere else extreme grip and feel are required.

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