Freet running shoes

Freet Footwear are based in Richmond, North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. They manufacture a split toe ultra-minimalist barefoot like running shoe that has an optional half insole. The split toe is marketed as the 4+1, as there is a separate cavity or pocket for the hallux. The shoes were first launched in April 2013.


The shoe weighs 178g  (6.3oz) for the size 9.5 shoe. In the UK, they retail for £50. They can be washed in the washing machine.

Optional Insole:
This insole is a 3mm thick under the heel to increase shock absorption, so provides a 3mm drop; made of EVA; and has some support in the midfoot. It is supposed to protect the foot while also giving the feeling of barefoot. The insole could be used long term or in the shorter term to facilitate the transition to the shoes.

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