Split Toe Shoes

Based on tabi design from japan. Onsitu Tiger was first

Marathon Tabi from Onsitu Tiger (later ASICS)
Tabi Marathon
"Shizo Kanaguri, who participated in the marathon in the Stockholm Olympic Games (1912), and Sohn Kee-chung, who won a gold medal for the Japanese delegation in the marathon in the Berlin Olympic Games (1936), wore tabi socks for their races. At the time, indoor tabi were still the standard footwear at sports meets in Japan, and the MARATHON TABI were also based on indoor tabi. The initial prototype had an elastic ankle closure, which was changed to laces, then hemp was layered on the sole to increase wear resistance, eyelets and a part known as a "hanging band" were added on the arch for improved fit, and through several trials they were given the functionality, durability, and external appearance appropriate for marathons. The MARATHON TABI were featured in American track and field magazine Runners, and it was here that the glorious history of ASICS marathon shoes truly began. This grabbed the attention of Japanese users, and marked the transition from the era of MARATHON TABI to that of marathon shoes."


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