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Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) are primarily a manufacturer of basketball shoes based in Los Angeles, California and was founded by twin brothers Adam and Ryan Goldston who previously played basketball at the University of Southern California. Their basketball shoes...

...feature the revolutionary Load ‘N Launch® Technology. The newly patented Load ‘N Launch® technology is implanted in a cavity in the forefoot of the shoe and serves as a “launch pad” by taking the energy exerted by the player and increasing lift with the aid of an intricate, spring-based propulsion system designed to increase vertical leap up to 3.5 inches based upon athletic ability and physical conditioning of the individual.

Now they are now trying to bring that technology to running shoes: Founder, Adam Goldston tweeted on 2 Jan 2014, that they are releasing a running shoe:

Early versions of the shoe were exhibited at The Running Event in Austin, Texas in December 2013. According to a report from this expo in The Examiner:

From Athletic Propulsion Labs basketball roots, the brothers Ryan and Adam Goldston, Load ’N Launch technology is a sophisticated feat of engineering located in the forefoot of the shoe just in front of the flex zone and the ball of the foot. The device features compression properties designed to provide an instant rebound effect that is transferred up through the foot to enhance vertical leap and propulsion. These shoes performed so well that they were banned from the NBA in 2010. But their remaining nine months of inventory was sold out in 3 days.

Now they are bringing that technology to running shoes. The Wind Chill is the first shoe in APL running line. Also coming soon is Joy Ride, built on APL’s Propelium platform, which features a proprietary blend of rubber and EVA. The company will also introduce a running shoe with a knit upper that looked to me a lot like the Nike Flyknit uppers.

Some of the feedback from that event was not positive about the shoes.

The shoes were released in mid-June 2014 with 3 models: Windchill | Techloom Pro | Joyride

In March 2016, Adidas announced that they were suing APL over a trademark infringment involving the shoes.

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