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Be Real Running Shoes

Be Real Shoes is a new manufacturer of minimalist running shoes based in Calabasas, Los Angeles, California and established by Jason Applegate. The shoes are due to be released in April 2014. They were initially shown to the industry at The Running Event in December 2013 (press release). The Examiner reported this as:

Be Real Shoes were conceived by Jason Applegate's own experience with the minimalist running movement. While he quickly fell in love with the more natural style of running and its health benefits, he found himself dissatisfied with the stylistic options, frustrated by fit, and longing for an even more minimalist construction.
Be Real shoes are designed to work seamlessly in every running environment. For the price of one shoe, you get a perfect trail shoe, crossfit shoe, and water shoe. The shoes are made in the USA utilizing eco friendly manufacturing techniques enabling the rubber soles to be 100% recyclable."

At this stage no more information has been publicly released on the Be Real minimalist running shoes. Limited information is on the company website. Parts of the design of the shoes are subject to a pending patent, which the abstract describes the unique feature as:

A natural feel sole for protecting a foot includes a plurality of flexible toe areas configured to receive toes and one or more fingerprint areas arranged along a bottom of the sole and including one or more swirls.

Be Real Running Shoes

The ShoeBuy website has a listing for the shoes, describing them as:

featuring a wider forefoot, thin rubber sole, descending toe angle and low heel, allowing for natural movement in toes and feet.

It is not clear what is meant by the "descending toe angle".

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