Keller Resection/arthroplasty

Keller/Resection arthroplasty:
Joint destructive procedure  indicated for degenerative arthritis and significant pain; usually used in older patients with limited function (especially apropulsive gait) – the so called “geriatric bunion”.
Resection of base of proximal phalanx and medial eminence of first metatarsal head  instability of joint  limited usefulness.

Other Bunion Surgery Procedures:

Capsule/Tendon Balance ProceduresHallux ProceduresDistal Metatarsal Procedures (DMO)Neck ProceduresShaft Procedures
Derotational abductory transpositional osteotomy (DRATO)Ludloff
Volgar/Off-set V osteotomy
Base ProceduresCapsulotomies
LapidusWashington monument
Proximal AustinLenticular
Oblique base wedge osteotomy (Juvara)Inverted L
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