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KangaROOS are an athletic footwear company based in St. Louis, Missouri. They were originally a running shoe developed by Bob Gamm in the late 1970's who was a runner and wanted a running shoe with a 'pocket' to carry his keys and money when running (hence the 'KangaROO's brand name). They were sold during the 1980's. Bill Rodgers won the Boston Marathon in 1980 in a pair of KangaROOS running shoes

They eventually developed football, basketball, hockey, tennis, and track and field shoes in the 1980's. By the end of the 1980's the brand had declined and the footwear were no longer available. In the late 1990's the brand reemerged as a sneaker lifestyle brand rather than a serious running shoe. They still have the zippered pocket in the side of the shoe.

An innovation from KangaROOS was the DYNACOIL that was released 1987. This was an energy recycling and shock absorption system that was patented and tested by NASA. This was from an advertisement in 1987:

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