Dynamic Fascia Band

Dynamic Fascia Band Fascia Band

The Dynamic Fascia Band™ and the Fascia Band™ are trademarked and patented design features incorporated in the Inov-8 running shoes. They are claimed to help enhance or support the windlass mechanism of the foot.

The patent summary states:

A sole adapted to provide improved leverage during the toe-off stage of gait comprises elongate elements along the horizontal surface of the sole. The elongate elements are adapted to tauten in response to longitudinal forces on the sole, increasing the rigidity of the midsection of the sole and providing effective propulsive assistance to the athlete.

Dynamic Fascia Band

The design of the Dynamic Fascia Band™ is a registered design in the UK (link):
Dynamic Fascia Band

The mechanism by which this design feature potentially works is via the dorsiflexion that occurs at the metatarsophalageal joint during the later part of the stance phase when running which will tighten the bands (like the windlass mechanism), thereby stabilizing the arch of the foot (like the windlass mechanism).


  • There is no published research on this design feature and it is not known how much the designs contribute to enhancing the windlass mechanism.

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