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NE Footwear was founded in 2008 by former Timberland exec Doug Clark previously with Reebok and Nike
Moving production from China to USA. Mnaufactured in  Stratham, New HampshireUSA.

New England Footwear is launching three new collections of footwear by the GoLite brand. The collections will go under the names of Sunapee by GoLite, Varios by GoLite and GoLite Essentials.
The Sunapee Collection is the first in its category of outdoor/comfort. Outdoor comfort is defined as the uncompromised blending of The Art of Performance and The Science of Comfort we call it the “Luxury SUV of Footwear”. The Varios Collection by GoLite is the “Rugged SUV of Footwear”, categorized as Outdoor Performance.The GoLite Essentials are the shoes that have become the “go to” footwear for adventure travel and recovery for many outdoor enthusiasts. We can now tell a very complete story to these three big categories each with their own distinct message and packaging. The Collections will first appear to the trade at the Outdoor Retail show at the end of July and Platform in August of 2013. More to come on this exciting new line in the near future!




Design Features:
Precise Fit system

GoLite Running Shoe Models:
Golite XTComp | GoLite Mountain Gecko

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