Forus Nytro 90X

{This model appears to be no longer available}

The Forus Nytro 90X was the first shoe made by Forus. It could be classified as a lightweight stability shoes.

Forus Nytro 90X

From Forus:

The Nytro 90 X: The Runner‛s lover!! One of the lightest, most comfortable and reliable running shoes on the market. We pride ourselves in saying that it is 6 oz lighter than the average running shoe. Very durable. You can do all sorts of work outs Unique features include:
- Breathable
- 11.5 oz only!
- High-Performace Running shoes
- Support and comfort combine thanks to the PolstarMax VI
- Lightweight bar stabilizing the foot
- Dries faster thanks to its turtle mesh

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