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Forus Athletic are a new running shoe company based in Indianapolis that was started in 2010. The company was founded by Arsene Millogo and Steve Fartouh due to their own frustration with the running shoes they used. The company has a social conscience with 10% of profits going to children’s charities and for scholarships to college students.

From the company:

This brand is “for us” who want maximum support, comfort, and performance from our products, and “for us” who wish to make a difference in our communities. This alliance of community and business is symbolized in the logo: two hands interlock in a gesture of solidarity, people working together, and corporations supporting communities to create a better socially accountable business.

The first manufacturing run of the footwear was launched via a crowd funding campaign. There are two models in the Forus range: The Forus Membrance Crypt and the Forus Nytro 90X, but the Nytro is no longer listed on the companies website.

Forus PolstarMax 6:
This is the main innovation of the Forus running shoes, which by driven by what one the the founders said "We could not understand why better support meant spending an extra $30 for aftermarket insoles." The Forus PolstarMax 6 is described as "most shock absorbent system for maximum support, and a comfortable precise fit". The insole is removable and integrated into every Forus running shoe.

Forus Running Shoe Models:
Membrane CryptNytro 90 X

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