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June 2016:
The Stamford Podiatry Group in Stamford, CT were hacked in a data breach and patient information was accessible to unauthorized person(s). The incident showed the importance of adequate data security.

The Bethlehem, PA podiatrist, Dr Kevin Fallon Kline is arrested for assault on his parents just days before undergoing surgery for a non-malignant brain tumor.

May 2016
The Suffern, NY podiatrist, Dr Ira Bernstein was arrested over an alleged murder-for-hire plot against his wife.

April 2016:
Dr Mathew Nester is accidentally shot in the foot by a retired NYPD officer in Nassau County, NY.

March 2016
Ontario Podiatrist, Pierre Dupont, from the Ottawa Foot Practice made the news when it was publicly revealed that he was previously a dentist in Quebec who was barred from practice. There were also allegations that he was using fake HyProCure implants. A class action was filed against him and the College of Chiropodists of Ontario.

The Ballarat (Victoria, Australia) podiatrist, Christian Ashby, a keen cyclist and triathlete was flown to hospital with severe injuries after a hit and run while out cycling.

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