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In June 2016, the podiatrist Kevin Fallon Kline DPM from the Fallon-Kline Foot and Ankle in Bethlehem, PA made the news after his arrest following an alleged assault on his parents. At the time, Dr Fallon Kline had closed his podiatry clinic to undergo surgery for a non-malignant brain tumor.

This notice was placed on the clinic’s door:
Fallon-Kline Foot and Ankle

The alleged assault occurred 3 days before the surgery. It is not known from media reports if the health condition was an issue in the violence. It is also not known from publicly available reports if the scheduled surgery went ahead.

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One Response to Arrest of Kevin Fallon Kline

  1. Kathleen Fallon-Kline November 26, 2017 at 7:23 pm #

    Our son , Dr Kevin Fallon Kline, was always a caring and loving person. His brain tumor caused him to lose control of himself when he became upset at his parents late May 2016. We called the police to give Kevin help and they did try to help by taking him to the hospital, but they also put a legal charge on him. This charge was not necessary. Medical help was necessary. Since all of this happening, our dear son has passed away from the effects of his brain tumor. Kevin was a wonderful son and wonderful doctor. We love you always Kev, Mom and Dad.