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Bob Marley (Nesta Robert Marley)(6 February 1945 – 11 May 1981) was a charismatic Jamaican singer and songwriter who achieved his international fame with a series of reggae albums with Rastafarian themes.

In July 1977, Bob Marley was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma under the toenail of his foot. Marley apparently had a non-healing wound that he had previous noticed under the nail, but it was first brought to doctors attention when he damaged the toe playing soccer in France. Apparently a large part of tissue had now been 'eaten away' and medical advice at the time was to amputate the toe to prevent a further spread of the melanoma, but Marley declined citing his religious beliefs about 'not cutting the flesh'. The cancerous tissue was cut away rather than the more radical amputation. This subsequently healed, but did not stop the metastatic spread of the cancer.

Despite the illness, he continued performing and touring, including a world tour in 1980. His last concert was at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on 23 September 1980. After this concert, his health deteriorated and he became very ill as the cancer had spread throughout his body. He then received a controversial natural therapy for the cancer in Germany before returning home to Jamaica. On the flight Marley's vital functions worsened and they landed in Miami, Florida  for immediate medical attention. He died on 11 May 1981 at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami at age 36 from the spread of the melanoma to his lungs and brain causing his death.

Gooding asked some interesting question about this case:

Why was he given clearance to go “on tour” with an advance malignant melanoma? Did the Doctor really know his condition? Were any medical tests done? Blood, x-rays etc? Was he was a medical specialist?
Also how did he manage to survive so long with an advanced cancer? Was it his marijuana use? This is highly unlikely. According to studies it is difficult to predict outcomes for individual patients with melanoma. We know he was a man of incredible stamina and drive.

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