Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid):
• effective drug (often underappreciated)- analgesic, antipyretic, anti inflammatory
• derivative of salicylic acid
• irreversible inhibitor of COX-1 and –2 (all others are reversible)
• orally – rapidly absorbed by gut hydrolized to salicylic acid by plasma esterases and excreted rapidly by kidneys; short half life (15-20 minutes)
• indicated for – suppression of inflammation (partially explained by COX-2); mild to moderate pain; fever reduction; platelet aggregation
• adverse effects – bleeding; renal impairment; effect 8th cranial nerve (dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, vomiting); gastric irritation; Reyes syndrome (encephalopathy and fatty liver degeneration in children)
• drug interactions – Warfarin (intensifies affects); glucocorticoids (increase risk of gastric ulceration); alcohol (increased risk of gastric bleeding)

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