Denton modification

The Denton modification is an extrinsic lateral arch fill on a foot orthotic to increase lateral column support with the aim being to block a supination tendency of the foot. The name ‘Denton’ was given to the modification by Richard Blake, DPM after advice from his colleague, Jane Denton, DPM. The modification is more commonly called an ‘extrinsic lateral arch fill’ or ‘lateral plantar fill’.

The modification can be made from a material like high density EVA or cork and aims to fill in the space between the foot orthotic shell and the ground to increase the rigidity of the lateral column of the foot orthotic. The lateral arch fill can be prescribed to be added during the manufacture of the foot orthotic or can be added later after the foot orthotic has been dispensed.

This modification was probably more commonly used in the traditional plaster model and heat molded plastic shells as now with the CAD/CAM systems the thickness of the lateral column of the orthotic can be built in to the device.

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