Complications of Diabetes

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The complications of diabetes have a significant impact on the social and financial costs of managing diabetes.

Acute – ketoacidosis, hypoglycaemia, hyperosmolar non-ketotic coma, intercurrent illness (referred to as metabolic decompensations)
Chronic – retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, macrovascular disease, other.

Prevalence of complications:
Liebl et al (2002) reported a prevalence’s in those with type 2 diabetes of myocardial infarction (10.6%); stroke (6.6%); foot ulcer (3.97%); amputation (2.3%); blindness (1.34%).
Williams et al (2002) reported that at leats 72% of those with type 2 had at least one complication; 19% had only a microvascular complication; 10% had only a macrovascular complication; 24% had both a microvascular and macrovascular complication. The macrovascular complications were – peripheral vascular disease (18%); angina (17%); heart failure (12%); myocardial infarction (9%). The microvascular complications were – neuropathy (28%); renal damage (20%); retinopathy (20%); needing treatment for an eye complication (6%).

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