Diabetic Dyslipidaemia

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Diabetic Dyslipidaemia:
The effect of dyslipidaemia is increased in those with diabetes mellitus – further increased in the presence of nephropathy.
Common in type 2 diabetes. Powerful risk factor for cardiovascular disease.
Characteristics of diabetic dyslipidaemia are hypertriglyceridaemia, increased small dense LDL, low HDL and postprandial lipaemia
good control in those with Type 1 usually have relatively normal lipid profiles; in presence of nephropathy, tend to have elevated total cholesterol, reduced levels of HDL, increased LDL and triglycerides
in Type 2, it is most commonly hypertriglyceridaemia and decreased HDL levels. Total cholesterol levels are similar to those without diabetes
the atherogenic effects of dyslipidaemia is diabetes is considered to be enhanced to th the glycation of lipoproteins ( reduced clearance from plasma) and oxidative modification of LDL
due to risk  aggressive treatment of dyslipidaemia in those with diabetes; trial dietary measures for 3-6 months, then pharmacological if these fail

Treatment of dyslipaemia:

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