Medial Cuneiform

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Medial Cuneiform

Antero-medial view of the medial cuneiform

medial cuneiform

Posterior lateral view of the medial cuneiform

The medial cuneiform is also called the first cuneiform. It is the largest of the three cuneiform bones and is on the medial side of the foot between the navicular and base of the first metatarsal. The tendon of the anterior tibial muscle inserts into the bone on the medial side; the tendon of the posterior tibial muscle into the plantar side; and the peroneus longus into its lateral side.

Latin names for this bone are the Os cuneiforme mediale and os cuneiform primum.

Ossification: usually occurs from one center that appears during the second year of life. Occasionally there are two ossification centers (bipartite medial cuneiform).

medial cuneiform

Dorsal relationships of the medial cuneiform

medial cuneiform

Plantar relationships of the medial cuneiform

Relationships: Medial side: Subcutaneous; Lateral side: intermediate cuneiform and base of second metatarsal ; Anteriorly: first metatarsal; Posteriorly: navicular
Attachments: Plantarly: posterior tibial tendon; Medially: anterior tibial tendon; Laterally: peroneus longus tendon
Nerve Supply: Deep peroneal and medial plantar nerves
Blood Supply: Mostly from the dorsal arterial network

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