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Also called scaphoid. Irregular short bone, anterior to head of the talus.


Posterior surface is concave (for articulation of head of talus); anterior surface has 3 triangular areas (separated by 2 faint ridges) for articulation with 3 cuneiforms.

Plantar surface is narrow and rough – for attachment of ligaments and muscles


Medial tuberosity is principal attachment of the tibialis posterior tendon.

Os navicularis or accessory navicular or os tibiale occurs in up to 10% – many variations in shape and position.


Ossification: –        usually from one primary centre – appears at 3 yrs

–        may have secondary centre at tuberosity – may fuse or remain as secondary bone (accessory navicular or os tibiale externum) (do not confuse with sesamoid bone in tendon)

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