Skin Grafts

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Skin Grafts

Skin taken from one area of the body and used to cover a wound in another area of the body.

Full thickness graft:
• epidermis and dermis
• ‘take’ not as good as a partial thickness graft and has higher risk of infection
• hair follicles are preserved
• best donor sites are flexor surfaces

Partial/split thickness graft:
• epidermis and part of dermis
• as blood vessels are cut  greater chance for revascularisation
• can shrink and become hyperpigmented (full thickness do not)


Recipient site:
• needs to be vascular
• can not be placed directly over bone or tendon
• must be free of bacteria
• granulation tissue is debrided prior to graft

Graft failure:
• reasons include – haematoma, serous fluid collects, infection, mechanical forces (eg shearing), poor preparation of graft and recipient site

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