Excessive sweating/perspiration – either localised or systemic.

Occurs when perspiration levels are normal, but the moisture is retained due to environmental factors – such as occlusive footwear, working in hot/humid environments

Systemic hyperhidrosis – due to excessive sympathetic vasomotor stimulation, febrile illness, hyperthyroidism, obesity, CNS disorders

Clinical features:
Blanched macerated skin, cool and clammy to touch. Higher prevalence of friction blisters and bacterial/fungal infections. Bromhidrosis and/or pitted keratolysis may be present.

• Often unsatisfactory – reassurance that improvements will occur from late 20’s.
• leather footwear and woollen socks better absorb moisture
• astringent medicaments
• absorbing powders
• potassium permanganate crystals (small amount dissolved in foot bath)
• deodorisers
• carbon insoles

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