Skier’s Foot Myalgia

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“They describe a pain that often
starts immediately upon starting
to ski, but will worsen with more
intense effort such as when skiing
steeper slopes or more challenging
terrain such as moguls. Usually, the
pain is mid-arch and plantar-medial.
Much like a compartment syndrome,
the symptoms abate when the activity
is stopped. It is rare that patients
can recreate these symptoms when
doing any other activity.
While a compartment syndrome
as the root cause of these symptoms
cannot be ruled out, it appears more
likely that the pain is secondary to
overwork of the intrinsics of the arch
of the foot. Most likely, it is primarily
the abductor hallucis that is involved
given the location of the presenting
complaint and based on evidence
that the abductor hallucis acts to support
the medial longitudinal arch”

See: Plantar Intrinsic Stress Syndrome

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