York Athletics Henry Runner

The York Athletics Henry Runner is billed as a unisex casual running shoe that can be used in the gym. It is designed for shorter and mid-distance runs.

henry runner
henry runner

The midsole is a highly responsive EVA foam and the upper is a dual-layered open cell mesh that is very breathable and comfortable. The shoe is available in multiple colors. The rubber outsole is very slip-resistant to maximizes grip and traction on a variety of training surfaces. The shoe has a 9mm drop.

York Athletics Henry Runner

Other sports footwear models by York Athletics include the Gail Recovery Trainer (for recovery after exercise), the Frank Trainer (for gym and cross-training) and the Via All-Terrain (for off-road).


  • the shoes carry minimal branding
  • they are probably not generally suitable for too many long runs
  • some comments point to the upper being very comfortable
  • the width fit is on the narrower side
  • they are considered as to run true to size

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