WINQS Zerofly running shoe

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WINQS Zerofly running shoe
The Zerofly™ running shoe is a project by Winqs Sports based in Berlin, Germany that is due for release in 2022. The company was founded by Jan Kratochvil and Marek Brincil. Winqs are the first running shoe company to manufacture totally with bio-based or recycled materials which do make the footwear more expensive to manufacture. The initial run of the shoe is being crowd-funded via Kickstarter in advance to increase the size of the manufacturing run to reduce the unit costs.

Teaser from the company:

Breakdown of the WINQS Zerofly running shoe:
WINQS Zerofly running shoe

The midsole is Bio ePEBAX®. The drop is 9 mm with a stack height of 27 mm in the heel and 18 mm under the ball of the foot. The weight of a US10 is 232g. The outsole is the non-slip Michelin GeckoGrip™. The upper is breathable natural Lyocell fibres. The insole from Bloom is algae infused as a petroleum based alternative.

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