Three Over Seven

3 over 7 Running Shoes

Three Over Seven are a new running shoe with a wool upper from the company based in Wellington, New Zealand but the shoes are made in Portugal. They are a lightweight minimalist type shoe. The upper is a proprietary wool  blend that is very strong but still maintains the natural properties of wool. A patent is pending on the wool product that was developed in partnership with the textile institute, AgResearch NZ. New Zealand is well known for its sheep and wool related products. The shoe is designed to be worn without socks. The side of the fabric is softer to sit against the skin of the foot and the outside of the fabric is designed to resist dirt and abrasion. The shoe was launched via a crowd funded project on in early 2014. The shoes are not yet available for purchase.

Three Over Seven Running Shoes

3 Over Seven Running Shoes

3 over 7 Running Shoes

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