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The Freeheel Running Pad is a barefoot/minimalist footwear from the manufacturer, Starringer, based in Munich, Germany. The "shoe" is handmade and is a really just a half covering of the forefoot to provide protection from the surface when 'barefoot' running.

Running pads

The shoes were awarded the ISPO Award in 2012. The award stated (Google translate from German):

Forefoot concept. Minimal weight and size. Ecological and value-added concept. Material designed and produced in Bavaria. Protects against overheating and undercooling, adapts to the needs of heat, reduces sweating.
Ultra Minimal Footpadform, reduced to the forefoot. Minimal design, natural materials and colors. The design focuses on the essentials - the highest protection, best grip and the most pleasant foot climate.
The best foot climate compared to other Barefoot shoes. Pleasant because they absorb excess body heat, minimum weight (80g/Paar), very soft and durable. Back to the roots, it takes no more squeeze into small tubes, water and stones, and out his toes.

There are four different models in the range of "footwear":

Running Pa

The Flips are made from chamois deerskin, but can come with some synthetic profiled sole for use on harder surfaces. The Ashinaka is made from cowhide. The Moccasin is full foot length and is made of chamois deer suede lining and a synthetic, profiled sole and breathable cushion. The Spartans are full length and made of cowhide.

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  • uses the natural running fallacy to promote footwear
  • website does carry a 'product warning' about the risk of injury when transitioning to barefoot/minimalist running
  • no information could be found on where to purchase them  from

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