Mizuno Wave


That is correct. The Wave Alchemy is being discontinued and it will be replaced in January by the new Wave Paradox. The Alchemy is still available in the Mizuno line through December. But, the Paradox is not a direct replacement for the Alchemy. The support of the two shoes is approximately the same, but the Paradox will have 20 percent more cushioning, a smoother ride and be much lighter. Like the Alchemy, the Paradox will have an exceptionally stable base of support which will be ideal for overpronators and orthotic wearers. Simply, the Wave Paradox will be a much better maximum support shoe than the Alchemy ever was. We’re very proud of the Paradox and can’t wait for it to come out.


Jamie, I hate to break the news to you, but the Wave Nirvana was discontinued several months ago and there won’t be any new models. But, don’t despair. We have a brand new shoe coming out in January—the Wave Paradox, see above question for specifics—which is going to be a flat out better shoe than the Nirvana ever was. I can’t imagine any Nirvana wearers who loved its support and fit, not loving the Paradox even more.




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