Icebug Anima Trail Running Shoe

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Icebug Anima Running Shoe

The Icebug Anima is now in version two. It is a lightweight trail running shoe. The previous version had off-centered lacing, but in the Anima2, this is now straight. The outersole features the BUGrip®.

From the company:

Among the updates is also a new water repellent backing in the fore foot. The molded lacing details fixate the position of the heel and ankle over the sole, while the fore foot can still move freely. Toe bumper and heel counter together with a full rubber soles offers trail protection. Foot shaped last and a memory foamed heel cup. The dynamic carbide studs grip on anything from dry asphalt to wet wood and pure ice. Good ground control with low sole profile and the narrow heel part of the sole, together with the soft midsole material, combines to absorb an uneven surface landing, instead of aggressively jerking the foot to the other side.

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