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Hi Tec running shoes

HI-TEC SPORTS is a sporting goods manufacturer from the UK that have a range of trail running shoes. They were founded in 1974 in Shoeburyness, in Essex, England. The  Hi-Tec brand name and logo were globally launched in 1982. They employ approximately 500 employees and have global sales of more than US $250 million.  In addition to the trail running range, they also make footwear for tennis, squash, football and golf.

Hi-Tec Footwear Design Features:

Invisible to wearers, the protective layer of ion-mask™ is over one thousand times thinner than a human hair. The technology is molecularly bonded to the whole surface of the product making it extremely durable without affecting the look or feel of the product. Furthermore, ion-mask™ lasts as long as the material itself and is not compromised by everyday wear.

Treated articles keep wearers comfortable and dry by repelling water from outside and maintaining optimum control of temperature and breathability. By resisting the absorption of water and dirt, ion-mask™ also helps guard against stains, making products look newer for longer.

Trail Running Shoes from Hi-Tec:
Shadow TrailV-Lite NazkaV-Lite Infinity Trail

Road Running Shoe from HiTec:
Hi-Tec Silver Shadow

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