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The Gravity Defyer shoe originally carried a sperm logo when they first launched in 2008 which led to some controversy and was the butt of jokes and ridicule. There were also reports at the time of retailers refusing to carry the brand because of the logo. Some design and advertising experts were critical of the logo design and rationale.

sperm logo from gravity defyer

Alexander Elnekaveh, founder and CEO of Gravity Defyer™ defended the logo, saying in a 2010 press release:

Our logo is deliberate. Our customers feel like they are getting the beginning of a new life when they try our shoes. Pain and fatigue are alleviated, energy is restored; they can walk and exercise again. What represents that? The seed of life. We’re not embarrassed by it, nor are our customers. We are currently working with some of the best retailers in the world and look forward to future business opportunities with companies that are liberal enough to embrace this concept. There’s no shame, there’s pride.

Sole Collector magazine were very critical of the sperm imagery in the logo:

But back to the logo, people. Sure, sperm [no point in avoiding it any longer…] is the “seed of life.” And sure, let’s even assume that G-Defy is serving up some sweet energizing sneakers for every walk of life and usage, potentially even improving your overall health. But at what point did branding the company’s trademarked logo with not one, but two sperm graphics seem like the direction to go? We live in a pretty immature world, and at this point, pretty much anything else would’ve been a better look. Perhaps an arrow or something hinting at gravity, even. (link)

In late 2015, they dropped the sperm logo and replaced it with a new logo and the ‘GDEFY’ branding:
gravity defyer logo
No public statement or explanation was offered by the company at that time.

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