Brütting (Brütting & Co. Eb-Sport-International-GmbH) is a German shoe manufacturer based in Küps, Bavaria. The company was founded in 1946. The ‘EB Sport International’ brand was launched in 1968 to develop footwear for running as well as track and field athletes. This resulted in a collaboration with the running coach, Arthur Lydiard to develop two running shoes in the early 70's, that are still made today.

Running shoes from Brütting:
EB Lydiard Marathon Running Shoe | EB Lydiard Road Runner Shoe | Brütting Spiridon Fit

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  1. Graeme Lydiard April 27, 2017 at 10:40 am #

    Hello, I am Arthur’s nephew and my dad was his brother. Eugene invited me to Nurnburg in Germany sometime around 1987. My dad and myself were also sport shoe manufacturers in NZ and we competed directly with the Arthur Lydiard EB shoes. Arthur told the world the EB shoes were his creation and we knew they were not. They were the sole creation of EB and EB simply used Arthur’s name to help promote them. We were successful with our shoes while Arthur was not. There were many reasons for this and none of these were to do with the creative ability of EB. In fact Arthur’s ideas restricted EB from progressing with his sport shoe development the way he actually wished at that time. During my time with EB (around 1987) he went out of his way to tell me that Arthur was basically full of crap about running shoe design and development while at the same time congratulating me on our success. This message is nothing about our shoes as these have long since gone primarily due to failing to compete with Chinese manufactured shoes and an extremely small market base etc. On the other hand Arthur went out of his way to discredit his brother (my dad) He had an ego bigger than Texas and I believe this is what annoyed/disturbed EB. EB expained to me emphatically that Artur (as he called him) was full of crap. I have a very good reason to have this known due to Artur discrediting my own father. I know his daughter who later worked for Adidas knows this and i would love to have a contact number or e-mail address for her to discuss this further with her in the hope that she can BACK UP our particular claim. This would be nice. So if the reader of this message can advise me of her contact details it would be sincerely appreciated. Can you do this for me details it will be sincerely appreciated. Please advise one way or the other.

    Kind regards