Briteck Running Shoes
Briteck running shoes were only a prototype from 2002 that were developed by an inventor, Brian Russell, who was behind the Energy Return Wheel.

The shoes had an innovative energy return system made of three independent hard plastic chambers that were located at the heel, forefoot, and toes. There was a highly elastic rubber coating that was stretched over them. At impact when running, the rubber membrane is stretched into the chambers. This “traps” energy in the form of tension. The tension is released as the foot rolls forward, giving a “thrust”.

Eleven patents underpin the development of the shoe. Britek Footwear Development LLC was formed in 1998 by Brian Russell and Danny Abshire (who later formed Newton Running with Jerry Lee, “squeezing” out Brian Russell). Many of the patents were later assigned to Newton Running, who according to inventor, they “failed to deliver”. Many of the patents now appear to have lapsed. However, the roots of the development of the Newton running shoe can be traced to the original collaboration on the Briteck running shoes.

Link to main patent: Sole construction for energy storage and rebound

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