Boombah Sustain Running Shoe

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Boombah Sustain Running Shoe

The Boombah Sustain running shoe is a lightweight performance running shoes, but at the same time is supportive for those that overpronate.

From the company:

At just 9 oz. the Sustain’s microweld fortified upper rests atop the injected Exo Suspension System providing lightweight cushioning and stability over all terrains.
• Best for use on dry turf.
• 9 oz.
• Exo Suspension System – Full length TPU shank is dropped into the injected midsole shell. The shank hovers in balance allowing the Exo System to react to any terrain from all angles, maintaining a smooth and stable ride
• Upper is fortified with microweld technology to increase durability and manage weight
• Side panels wrap up at mid eye row for an ideal fit
• Segmented rubber outsole with circular traction lugs
• Imported

The Sustain comes in the standard D width.

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