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Atreyu are a direct to the consumer low cost performance running shoes company based in Austin, Texas founded by Michael Krajicek. They launched in 2020, starting out selling their running shoes with a unique subscription option. Initially, if you committed to buy a new shoe every 1 to 3 months on the subscription service, the price for the shoe was less. They no longer use the subscription model. The shoes are only currently available via the Atreyu website and not from other retailers. The running shoes from Atreyu are lightweight and simple with minimal design features.

Atreyu, say on their website: Atreyu (noun):

a state of being, characterized by freedom from complexity, uniquely achieved through running.

The word Atreyu is a boys name of German origin meaning ‘A good son, clever, and happy’.

There are currently 3 models in the Atreyu range:
atreyu running shoes
They are the Base Model, the Race Model (the Artist) and the Trail Base.

Interview with the founder, Michael Krajicek by Believe in the Run:

atreyu wasp
Atreyu use a wasp as a symbol. They say:

The Atreyu wasp stands for evolution, progress, development, and the battle that lies within. It is a reminder that the external world is constantly trying to give us both craving and aversion. We can make a choice to take an objective love at these stimuli and then make that “next right decision”. Additionally, the wasp is a constant reminder for us to get brutally honest about our commitments and goals.


    • Early versions of the shoe had the words ‘strike here’ on the side of the midsole. This was criticized in some places due to all the nonsense that surrounds foot strike patterns and running. The wording has been removed from later models. Good.

strike here

  • Atreyu has a solid supporter base who do like their shoes and can be somewhat fanatical in their support for the shoes.
  • Atreyu did face supply issues and has been out of stock at times. This may be related to the launch of the brand at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the related supply chain issues from the disruptions.

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Atreyu website | Atreyu Facebook page

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