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The Science of the Marathon and the Art of Variable Pace Running
The Science of the Marathon and the Art of Variable Pace Running by Veronique Billat and Johnathan Edwards encourages you to rediscover running by gradually slowing down, running at your own pace, and learning to accelerate.

This book is about Veronique Billat’s 30 years of research, life studies, and practical experience. This research takes place in real life and extreme racing situations; it does not take place on treadmills, rather in marathon races and the high mountains. It’s about adapting new technologies to the needs of training and understanding the possibilities for the improvement of human energy. The key to long term success without injury or overtraining is to train with quality and not quantity. It is no longer necessary to train by running long distances in preparation for specific types of running races.

Performance is not just about a result, but rather a road to true happiness. We invite you to discover this new way of running as it is a realistic minimalist-based training using your running mind-body feelings sensations and your lifestyle. The practice of marathon running is, above all, a serious endeavor for anyone 10 to 100 years old, that will let you dream immense possibilities.

I thought I knew everything I needed to know about marathon pacing before I read The Science of the Marathon. Whether your goal is to complete a marathon with a smile on your face or set a new personal best. Dr. Billat and Edwards fascinating and persuasive book will help you prepare with greater purpose and race with more confidence.–Matt Fitzgerald, author of 80/20 Running, Brain Training For Runners, Life is a Marathon, and many others.

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This amazing book covering 30 years of exercise science and human experience from Dr. Billat is designed for the coach, scientist, or running enthusiast who desires to understand the physiology and variability of individual banners. I learned some new and interesting things and the book reaffirms that doing accelerations and varying the pace spontaneously on runs is a good thing. I have never used GPS-watch and run by feel, so it is nice to hear that is not crazy. It’s refreshing to read about optimizing fat metabolism as this is the evolutionary fuel of the human. At age 53, this book keeps me honest to do my strength training and sprints every day.Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, Professor of Family Medicine, West Virginia University School of Medicine in Morgantown, author of “Run For Your Life” 2008

Drs Billat and Edwards have put together a book that combines the best of sports science and in the field research. It’s refreshing to see a book on running that connects the dots, delves deep into the science, but still bases its recommendations on how we should run as nature intended.Barry Murray M.Sci , Faculty at Munster Technological University in Cork, CEO of Optimum Nutrition For Sport, Irish National endurance runner

About the Author of The Science of the Marathon and the Art of Variable Pace Running:

Veronique Billat is one of the most innovative and important researchers currently active in determining the science of optimum training. I have found her work to be useful for boosting the performances of runners not only in the marathon, but all the way down to the 800—any distance at which aerobic capability matters. My runners swear by it. Richard A. Lovett, Coach, Team Red Lizard, Portland Oregon and Co-author of Alberto Salazar’s Guide to Road Racing

Book Details:
Title: The Science of the Marathon and the Art of Variable Pace Running
Authors: Veronique Billat and Johnathan Edwards
Publisher: Tailwind
Published: 2020
Language: ‎ English
Format: Softcover
Pages: 234
ISBN-10: 0978709438
ISBN-13: 978-0978709433

“Drs. Billat and Edwards did an excellent job writing this book. Dr. Edwards has been a huge help getting Brenda back to top running form. You don’t have to be an elite runner to train like one. Brenda has benefited from the 30-30 workouts described in the book. I would recommend this amazing book to anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level.”Carlos Handler, Coach, Brenda Martinez USA Olympic Track & Field Runner

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