Podiatry and Barefoot Running

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Those promoting barefoot running need an enemy; often use 'straw man' arguments and other logical fallacies against Podiatrists. Meaning that it is easier to criticize others than defend what they are doing.

Podiatrists (and many other health professionals) speak out about barefoot running due to all the injuries that they are seeing from it. Podiatry Arena has a reputation in the barefoot community as being anti-barefoot, but its not. Posters just regularly speak out about the injuries that are being seen and the false claims made by promoters of barefoot running about the science.

There was a miscomprehension in the barefoot running community that were Podiatrists were opposed to barefoot running as it would impact on their business interests. The opposite has been the case.

Plenty of Podiatrists promote barefoot running eg Dr Nick Campetelli

Podiatry Management survey: 14% of Podiatrists recommend barefoot running in some circumstances.

Shill gambit

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