Bauer Bump

bauer bump bauers bump

A Bauer Bump is the term used in the ice hockey community for a Haglund Deformity and the associated bursitis of the posterior aspect of the calcaneus. In sports in which the footwear needs to be quite rigid such as in ice hockey a bony prominence on the foot can be a bigger issue than they would be if the footwear was not so rigid. Bauer is the most well-known brand of ice hockey skates, hence the name “Bauer Bump”. The rigid heel counter on the skates will create pressure on the bony prominence of the calcaneus causing a retrocalcaneal bursitis to develop. The Bauer skates are not the culprit here and any brand can be an issue.

A Bauer Bump is managed like any other case of Haglund’s Deformity, initially with accommodative and protective padding and modifications to the footwear. Surgical removal of the bony prominence is considered if the conservative measure are not helping.

Some ice hockey players do anecdotally blame specific brands for their Bauer Bump and find changing the brand of skates does help. Others report that it did not help them. Different brands of skates will have different lasts that the skates are made on and will have slightly different shapes to the heel counter area of skates which may help some and may make others worse.

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