Ad hominem

ad homineum
The argumentum ad hominem comes from the Latin phrase meaning “to the person”. It is a logical fallacy that occurs when one person attacks the person that is making an argument rather than the actual argument itself. This usually means that the character, motives, or some characteristic of the person making the argument is attacked rather than directly attacking the argument. The aim is that if you can attribute a bad trait or characteristic to the person making the argument then others will doubt the argument. This way they use the ad hominem argument to get the argument or claim dismissed on something irrelevant to the argument.

Trying to equate someone’s character or personal traits with how sound or spported their argument is, is a logical fallacy.

The formal way of stating this is:

A makes claim X
There is something objectionable about A
Therefore X is false

The shill gambit is a classic ad hominem fallacy.

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