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HIV denialism refers to a view that AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is not caused by the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). This belief is contradicted by compelling medical and scientific evidence and consensus, but is a view that is promoted by the denialists.

Claims by the HIV denialists:

  • The main claim is that HIV is not sexually transmitted and it does not cause AIDS
  • The deaths attributed to AIDS are deaths that are caused by malnutrition, hygiene, recreational drugs, and the antiretroviral drugs used to treat the condition
  • The actual existence of HIV has not been proven; or if it exists, then it is a harmless 'passenger' virus
  • The tests for HIV are unreliable
  • HIV does not fulfill Koch's postulates for a causal relationship between an infective agent and a disease.
  • HIV is an invented fiction by the pharmaceutical companies to make more money

The claims are largely based on pseudoscience and conspiracy theories.

Debunking claims
The website was set up by scientists to debunk teh claims made by the HIV deniers.

Consequences of denailists

Relevance to Podiatry:

  • All health professionals have a responsibility for promoting a scientific evidence based approach to health and health care.
  • This is a public health issue, that all health professionals need to be concerned about and active in addressing. Public education and health promotion campaigns need to be supported.

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